Quality, safety and certifications

The primary objective of MANGINI S.p.A. is to guarantee the Quality and Safety of its products by complying with the regulations in place and paying close attention to:

Safety, legality and product quality

  • Respecting and applying the IFS standard (International Food Standard);

  • Collaborating with the control bodies and organisations in charge of compliance with current regulations on hygiene and health according to the HACCP method;

  • Management, attention and care of production.

The Organisation

  • Work constantly to improve the quality and safety standards of its products;

  • Optimize the relationship with Suppliers, thus ensuring a reliable supply system, based on:
    1. continuity of the characteristics required of supplies;
    2. compliance with delivery times and methods;
    3. raw materials that fully meet the quality and business development objectives set, for which a consolidated traceability system is applied to maintain their organoleptic and nutritional characteristics.

  • Strengthen the culture and awareness of everyone on health and safety issues in the workplace;
  • Continuously train the staff in hygienic-sanitary matters;
  • Improve and consolidate the company’s position both in the domestic and foreign markets, always maintaining the main objectives that characterize its products: craftsmanship and high quality. These features, combined with the most advanced control standards, are a guarantee of the application of a self-control system compliant with HACCP principles;
  • Guarantee the hygiene and healthiness of the products by applying prevention systems and control methods of the critical phases of the production process, ensuring the fulfillment of all the obligations regarding the safety and legal requirements related to the products, as well as the responsibility towards the health of the consumer;
  • Work environments (production areas and storage warehouses) which meet the sanitary hygiene standards required by the food sector;
  • Continuous improvement of production processes and the overall effectiveness of its Quality and Safety Management System;
  • Ensure, through a targeted investment policy, the constant technological updating of plants, instruments and structures with the objective of respecting the criteria of environmental sustainability.


  • Quality raw materials and semifinished products;

  • Qualification and selection of suppliers;
  • Application of innovative processing methods that, despite their evolution, preserve the ancient wisdom and tradition of the master confectioners.

IFS Certification

International Food Standard

Politica della Qualità Mangini

Metodo di valutazione

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