The History

It all began after the Second World War when Romeo Bovone, after various experiences in the most famous pastry shops in the area, acquired a small confectionery company, in the Novi Ligure territory, in which the confectionery traditions go back in time for over a century and, even today, are extremely rooted and appreciated.

In the following years the company continued its growth in production and sales thanks to the inclusion in the workforce of his daughter Silvana and son-in-law Luigi Mangini.

The new company, with the company name “Mangini”, moved in 1981 to Bosco Marengo in the province of Alessandria (Piedmont), and presents itself, since inception, with high quality products and innovative processing methods that, despite their evolution, still preserve the ancient wisdom of the master confectioner. Candies and bonbons with the flavours and aromas of nature are the secret of its success.

In 1985 the first product of the new company: “Noblesse”, a very soft bonbon covered with pure dark chocolate and filled with liqueur creams. A few years later “Il Noccioletto” came to light, a small hazelnut harvested in Piedmont covered with fine milk chocolate. It will immediately prove to be the most successful item both for its natural combination with a cup of coffee and as a courteous welcome in the lobbies of hotels and ateliers.

A few more years pass and another winning idea develops, the highest possible quality in mini-candies: the “Bye Bye” Line – So much taste in few calories.

The Mangini company still today has respect for the ancient artisan values, adapting them with modern production and packaging technologies and completing them with particular attention to the environment.

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